The Managers Handbook by Ernst & Young

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The Managers Handbook by Ernst & Young

Postby satisfactionuk » Sat 19 Mar 2011 5:06 am

The Managers Handbook - The practical guide to successful management by Ernst & Young

Hi, This is the third book in this series of practical question and answer books on management.

Again this book is crammed full of practice advice on solving day-to-day problems.

This book helps you to:
Know yourself and the company that you work for.
Plot the coordinates of a successful career.
Interpret balance sheets and budgets.
Understand selling, marketing and R&D.
Interview, select and appraise staff.

As a first reference book this is great, there are numerous practical answers to everyday problems that a manager may come across and though the examples are quite short they are very comprehensive and I like the fact that the subject matter has not been padded out to give the book volume.

This book forms a great reference guide on a wide range of subject matter and is definitely a great first step that will encourage you to delve deeper into to reading more comprehensive books on the management areas that you may feel that you have a weakness in.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth

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