How To Win An Election by Paul Richards

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Thu 17 Mar 2011 9:14 pm

Hi, You may be thinking what the hell has How To Win An Election got to do with project management; well to answering this question is very simple indeed.

At the last US election where Obama won the presidency with a massive landslide victory was not because of his charm, good looks, personality or even ethics. His winning of this crucial election was simply because his political promotional campaign fund was around $47 million compared to Cheney's $15 million. When one has such a large disparity in funding the outcome is almost predictable.

If you consider that an election is no more than a high profile job interview with a selection panel that consists of millions of interviewers then it is not hard to see that understanding this self promotion process is a highly beneficial skill that could help with every aspect of your careers progression.

Paul Richards in this book looks closely at campaigning when it comes to the different types of elections, bye elections and local elections, dissolved assemblies and the problems associated with and the way that democracy is going. He goes on to look at the target audience and the key players that can affect the success of a political campaign.

Planning is a major component of all marketing and promotional campaigns and this book takes you through the complete practical planning process for political campaigns and devotes a 2 sections to the various types of media that campaign managers are apt to use for positive outcomes and especially when you have to address undesirable events such as scandals and gaffs.

From the project managers perspective there are two major reasons for reading this book, the first is to help build upon the soft skills that is used within all companies including the dreaded word politicking in order to plan your own career through planed self promotion. The second reason for reading this book is that the lessons learned will provide you with a whole host of highly desirable transferable skills that will greatly benefit you in managing any project that you may come across.
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