Promotion Management by Burnett

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Hi, Promotions affect every aspect of our daily lives, whether you are in a large business or self employed or even if you are into politics or some other form of fund raising activities such as for charities. During your career as a project manager you may very well be asked to take on a promotional assignment.

This book by Burnett is an excellent book that delves deeply into what is sometimes on the face of it considered to be a quite glamorous and sexy area of marketing. However, don’t let this fool you, as a project manager you will be facing exceptionally tight constraints such as deadlines and budgets. You could well be dealing with highly creative and sometimes emotionally fickle and demanding people where your interpersonal skills and problem solving skills will be challenged to the limit. On the other side of the coin when the project comes together and you see the end results of your work in a magazine or billboard or on television or radio or even on the big screen in a cinema you will be amazed at the amount of self satisfaction you will have knowing that you helped your team to pull it all together.

Burnett has done an excellent job in publishing this book, he has offset the rather dry business subjects encapsulated in promotion management by utilising lots of real life promotional examples and case studies that are supported by fantastic full colour pictures. Do not be mistaken, the book is by no means a lightweight when it comes to subject matter, from beginning to end Burnett walks you through the subject material in a logical manner.

As a marketer you would obviously need to study the book in great detail to fully understand its contents. However as a project manager this depth of knowledge would be overkill where as quick but thoughtful read of the whole book would be not only very interesting by also informative in understanding the concepts and of course the trade lingo. The project manager could then use the book as a good source of reference material when s/he is constructing his or her project plan and later when managing the project.

As I mentioned earlier interpersonal skill is of paramount importance when dealing with highly creative people, so if you feel that you have a weakness in this area you really should read the three books that I have reviewed on that subject.
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Stephan Toth
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