Power, Politics and Organizational Change by David Buchanan et al

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Power, Politics and Organizational Change by David Buchanan et al

Postby satisfactionuk » Thu 03 Mar 2011 3:08 pm

Power, Politics and Organisational Change - Winning the Turf Game by David A Buchanan and Richard J. Badham

Hi, I have just received this book from Amazon in the post today and browsing through its pages it proves to be a very interesting read. Buchanan's book on organizational behaviour was required reading in my business degree and if this book as good as that one then I am sure I wont be disappointed. This book seems to take a rather dry subject and presents it in a highly readable way with many witty examples that illustrate very serious and pertinent points.

From the synopsis on the back cover one can gather that this book is no lightweight and is aimed at MBA’s and other master degree candidates who are taking courses in change management and organizational behaviour. It claims that it will also be valuable for practising managers on tailored executive programmes in organizational politics.

Buchanan and Badham show how the change agent who is not politically skilled will fail, and that it is necessary to be able and willing to intervene in the political processes of the organization.

I think experienced project managers are fully aware of this concept.

So considering the two other books listed below, I guess this one forms a formidable trilogy of information in not only understanding organizational politics but also placing yourself in a position to win the mind games that happen every day.

Oh! for the anal retentive who just love to pick up on spelling mistakes, I know that organization can be legitimately spelt or if you like spelled with an S.
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