Getting What You Want by Quentin De. La. Bedoyere

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Getting What You Want by Quentin De. La. Bedoyere

Postby satisfactionuk » Mon 28 Feb 2011 10:51 pm

Getting What You Want - Powerful Persuasion Techniques To Use In Any Situation by Quintin De. La. Bedoyere

Negotiation is a fundamental part of business life and if you have no idea of the rules of the game you have no chance of successfully getting what you want. Yes, most people hate to admit it but playing mind games in almost every single business situation actually happens. As a project manager almost every person you come across has their own ideas, their needs, their wants and their own personal agendas or maybe just a desire to show you that they are in some way superior to you. Your job as a project manager and leading communicator is to handle each of these situations as they arise not only to obtain the optimum outcome at the time but also the full commitment of the person or group of people in obtaining the projects future objectives.

This book can be said to have been written for salesmen and women or company buyers but is formatted as a short course to improve everyone’s selling and negotiation skills. The book starts with a quick test that assesses your negotiation skills before reading the book and after noting down your initial responses you have the opportunity to retake the test at the end to compare your scores.

From the synopsis at the back of the book:
Getting what you want is packed with strategies and advice for everyone who wants to polish up their persuasion skills.

  • Discover how to convince people to accept your lead and believe what you say.
  • Beat professional negotiators at their own game.
  • Increase your sales successes.
  • Apply for a job and get selected at the interview.
  • Get your own way with bureaucrats and officialdom.
  • Avoid awkward confrontations at home.
  • Turn yourself into a persuasive public speaker.

Getting What You Want is the ideal guide for everyone who wants to communicate more effectively and persuasively.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth

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