Marketing Yourself by Dorothy Leeds

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Marketing Yourself by Dorothy Leeds

Postby satisfactionuk » Mon 28 Feb 2011 10:15 pm

Marketing Yourself by Dorothy Leeds - How to sell yourself and get the jobs you've always wanted.

From the day we are born we are forming impressions in others such as mothers ho say s/he is a terrible crier or a quiet sweet little angel. Later through our terrible twos we instil the attitude in others who say s/he has the devil in him or her or s/he is a really good kid. Later through our early school years we get reputations ranging from being an A grade student to being a total waste of space. As we enter our teens we start to further develop our personalities and styles that will affect peoples opinion of us throughout the rest of our lives.

The fact is, as we get older our responsibilities increase and we have no choice but to take a much more professional view of how we present ourselves to other people. Yes, of course some people have been blessed with an innate supply of charisma that seems to ooze out of every poor of their body but these people only make up a small percentage of the overall population. For the rest of us mortals, we have to work at it on a daily basis and for others who were born when the charm goddess was looking the other way have a significant handicap to overcome. However, thankfully this does not have to be a permanent situation, everyone has an innate set of unique qualities that are either readily apparent or are laying dormant just below the surface. With a little nurturing these qualities can be encouraged to grow like a fine crop of golden wheat and then the only thing that remains to be done is to let the people that you want to impress know that they are not only there but there in abundance.

This is where Dorothy Leeds book on marketing yourself comes into play. The book is crammed full of first-rate advice on how to present yourself and your abilities to future employers in the most effective way. It shows you how to plan your career and not only identify but also turn your major personal assets into formidable selling points.

Imagine you have several qualifications and a set of skills built up over time, you could list them 1,2,3,4 etc but would this really answer the readers question, how does this apply to my needs, my wants or solve my problems. Showing you how to answer these types of questions is the fundamental reason why this book has been written. The book also shows you how to spot the hot jobs and how to go for them, how to control your job interviews from the beginning to the end and how to negotiate for what you want and actually get it.

However, the usefulness of this book does not stop there, looking at the lessons in the book from a project management perspective, selling yourself and your ideas to superiors, line managers, team members, stakeholders, customers and suppliers covers nearly three quarters of the project managers time. The project manager who spends an inordinate amount of time in the early stages of the project to adequately market him or her self will have far less problems in selling the idea of changes or additions to the project.
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