The Marketing Research Process by M. Crimp and L. T. Wright

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The Marketing Research Process by M. Crimp and L. T. Wright

Postby satisfactionuk » Fri 18 Feb 2011 10:08 pm

I have stated reasons why understanding researching theory and practice is so important to project managers in the summary for Research Methods for Business Students book.

This book looks at the subject matter from a more specialist marketing perspective and for your benefit I will reiterate the a portion of the synopsis found on the back cover.

In this fourth edition, the authors and the contributors have made valuable contributions to the specialist applications and scope of marketing research, from both the academic and practitioner perspectives. The style of the book in exploring research issues, examining statistical and methodological techniques for collecting and generating data, planning research designs, testing products or markets, media selection, creative development and execution of media plans and evaluation of performance, presents a logical and systematic view of the marketing research process.

There are many up-to-date examples on changes within the marketing research environment as in the provision of contemporary information sources, geodemographics and the continuing impact of computerised techniques. New ideas, in-depth analysis and the breadth of the book all add to the contribution that the fourth edition makes to the understanding of marketing research.

Though this book focuses on the subject matter from a marketing perspective as with all business education the reader should look on the material from a 'transferable skills' perspective and then adapt and apply the lessons learned to their particular situation.
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