Consider The Issues by Carol Numrich

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Consider The Issues by Carol Numrich

Postby satisfactionuk » Fri 18 Feb 2011 6:47 pm

Consider The Issues - Advanced Critical Thinking Skills by Carol Numrich

This book builds on the lessons learned in the book Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrel and is aimed at advanced students. The book is ideally suitable for group classes but can be just as useful if the reader has an interested study partner.

Where Cottrel's book focused more on the written word this book focuses more on the spoken word. The books main purpose is to develop essential listening strategies for predicting, looking at language, understanding main ideas and points of view and focusing on the detail of what is being said.

Like Cottrel’s book it is designed to train your mind to very quickly pick out and analyse the pertinent parts of a conversation while allowing the superfluous noise to be filtered out.

The book comes with two 45-minute cassettes of authentic radio broadcast that are used in the books written exercises.

A word few of warning:
A lot of people are very wordy in their conversations and after training your mind to this level of critical thinking you definitely need to guard yourself against becoming impatient with peoples prolonged conversations that do not seem to have any real point.

Many personal secretaries who are highly competent with short hand learn to predict over time what their bosses are going to say, and some develop the really infuriating subconcious habit of finishing the sentences of the people that they are talking to. Very often they are absolutely spot on the ball, but it is still a bad habit to get into.

Remember outside the realms of the business environment you do have to really consider the touchy feely aspects of social interactions.

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Stephan Toth

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