Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell

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Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell

Postby satisfactionuk » Fri 18 Feb 2011 6:23 pm

Have you ever been reading a good book or studying your favourite subject or even reading a long report and found that as you progress you find that you cannot remember what you have just read or you have to keep going back to clarify points of issue. Well don’t despair, this actually happens to all of us from time to time and has been given the name by psychologies as sleep reading.

This book by Stella Cottrell – Critical Thinking Skills is an interactive book that is designed to over come the problems associated with sleep reading. The book takes you progressively through structured lesson that are designed to train your mind to focus on and very quickly separate the key and most important elements in what can be a very long text that is surrounded by superfluous waffle.

As a project manager your time is of the essence and you will very often have to read through very long and detailed documents to find issues that will affect different parts of the project. You can do this either by reading every word in the document line by line and taking notes as you come across the pertinent information that you are looking for or you can train your mind and more importantly your eyes to scan the page very quickly picking out the relevant information almost as if it were a normal reaction like scratching an itch.

Yes the exercises in this book are quite difficult in the beginning but like learning to play a musical instrument proficiency is gained through active practice.

On this basis alone I thoroughly recommend the lessons in this book as a crucial time saving addition to your skill set.
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Stephan Toth

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