Retail Marketing by Peter J McGoldrick

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Retail Marketing by Peter J McGoldrick

Postby satisfactionuk » Thu 17 Feb 2011 7:32 pm

This book Retail Marketing by Peter J McGoldrick is not an entry level general marketing book. The book does exactly whats in the titile and adopts an analytical approach to the functions and particular problems associated with retail marketing. The book is written in two parts the first covering the strategies of marketing planning and the second focuses on the elements of the retail marketing mix.

The book covers in detail the usual things you would expect from a quality author such as a look at the international perspective, identification of market needs, formulating strategy and evaluating performance in part one. Part two looks at the retail marketing mix, product selection and pricing before going into retailers own brand, advertising and promotion and the selling environment. The final chapter focuses on retail services and covers personal services and financial services and concludes with the viability of extended opening hours.

In this economic climate retail marketing is becoming extremely important if companies are to maximise their profits and avoid closure. Due to lack of experience a lot of the smaller retailers have been done this on a reactionary ad-hoc bases that has had little or no effect on the inevitable outcome. However, retail marketing can become a highly effective strategy that lends itself ideally to project management. Project Management Consultants that gain a good grasp of this rather complex subject put themselves in a very strong position for expanding their client base and creating that much needed income.
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