Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

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Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

Postby satisfactionuk » Thu 17 Feb 2011 7:08 pm

Marketing Management - Analysis, Planning, Implementation and control by Philip Kotler was in its day essential reading for any degree course in strategic business and marketing studies.

Philip Kotler is on of the worlds leading authorities on Marketing and this book can be considered on of the best works on the subject. Kotler takes the reader as a novice through all of the intricate steps associated with understanding this very complex subject matter through to competency in formulating comprehensive marketing plans. The book provides a wide array of worked examples with clear tables and examples of the marketing processes.

The whole process of marketing lends itself ideally to being projectized and Project Managers looking for an exciting and rewarding extension to their current skill set would not go to far wrong in studying this book.
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