5) International Marketing by Stanley Paliwoda

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5) International Marketing by Stanley Paliwoda

Postby satisfactionuk » Wed 16 Feb 2011 1:45 pm

This is the fifth and last book that I have in this series of marketing books, however, I am sure that the CIM has produced many more highly readable books of excellent quality on a wide range of specialist subjects. I would thoroughly recommend checking out their website for up to date recommended reading.

Only a heavyweight book could possibly cover the range of material that is necessary for International Marketing and this book does not skimp on any of the issues.

From the synopsis on the back cover;
This its comprehensive treatment of international issues it is the ideal marketing book for the 1990's (obviously the lessons learned are equally relevant today and have been updated in further editions) The global perspective in this book allows changing world conditions to be taken into consideration and interpreted enabling marketers to exploit the opportunities of evolving market trends. Major case studies have been included.

Companies wishing to grow their businesses and penetrate new international markets have very little choice but to consider each initiative as an independent project in its own right. Project managers taking on such project must have a clear understanding of the very complicated and often very expensive tasks that are involved. I am not saying that they have to become marketing professionals in their own right, but they do need to be able to intelligently communicate with these professionals and understand the importance and complexities of the events as they unfold.

This book can therefore be considered essential reading for any project manager that is going to take on international marketing projects and provides an indispensable addition to the project manager’s reference library.
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