4) Profitable Product Management by John Ward

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4) Profitable Product Management by John Ward

Postby satisfactionuk » Wed 16 Feb 2011 1:23 pm

Hi, This is the fourth book in the CIM Marketing series that really shows how Project Management is an integral part of a professional markets job description in not only bringing ‘New Products’ to market but also re-branding and subsequently re-launching existing products and services or even the entire company.

From the synopsis on the back of the book.

A successful product manager needs to:

· Ensure that his product range is attractive to that part of the total market from which he derives his prime business.
· Set and maintain the ‘right’ price for the product as well as influencing financial control within the organisation.
· Accept total responsibility for the image of the product.
· Gather and collate relevant pieces of data affecting the profitable sales of his product.
· Commission outside research.
· Produce and implement workable marketing plans and ensure effective follow-up and controls.
· Understand and work harmoniously with key departments within the organisation, especially those in production and sales.

Expertise in all these areas is therefore an essential requirement and with the aid of this book, can be acquired.

Looking at the list above from a project manager’s perspective one can clearly see that many of the items lend themselves to the phases or task in a formal project and therefore the information in this book is a very useful for giving a non-marketing trained project manager a clear insight into the marketing professionals job.

This is therefore a very useful addition to any project managers business reference library.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth

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