1) The Fundamentals and Practice of Marketing-John Wilmshurst

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1) The Fundamentals and Practice of Marketing-John Wilmshurst

Postby satisfactionuk » Mon 14 Feb 2011 10:22 pm

This is the first in a series of five books published on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing - CIM.

On the rear cover one can find a short synopsis of the book that reads.

The importance of marketing in every aspect of business is accepted by the concepts involved and the difficulties of a coordinated approach have established a need for a basic understanding of the principles and functions of marketing. Now established, as a standard text the second edition of this book has been thoroughly revised and up-dated to give greater emphasis on the dynamic nature of effective marketing process, the marketing planning process, the importance of brand personalities plus a number of short case histories. The book presents the ideas and practices used in the most straightforward way, so that students, as well as general readers, will find it of great practical value.

The author’s logical approach full meets the syllabus requirements of the Institute of Marketing and the CAM Foundation. The coverage of the book includes: The right mixture; the ever-changing product and the search for new ones; The price distribution and promotion aspect; Marketing as a Management function and marketing in a changing climate. The second part of the book covers; The uses of market research and the way in which it works; How personal selling works; How selling is managed; What advertising and sales promotion can and cannot do and how thye work; How international marketing works; How marketing planning works.

Students of the Institute of Marketing's Part 1 and 2 Certificate courses and the CAM Certificate course will find this text invaluable. It is also applicable to those students taking HND and related courses in business studies. In addition it will be of value as part of in-company training and to those people who need an understanding of marketing as a component of their business life.

As one can see from the above that this book is a perfect introduction to the concepts of marketing that any project manager wishing to engage in this field business should read and understand.

This and the other four books in the series are what I call essential reading and should be retained in ones business library for further reference.

Kind regard

Stephan Toth

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