Marketing Plans by Malcolm McDonald

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Marketing Plans by Malcolm McDonald

Postby satisfactionuk » Mon 14 Feb 2011 9:01 pm

Marketing Plans - How to prepare them - How to use them by Malcolm McDonald

Malcolm McDonald is clearly one of the most respected Professors of Marketing in Europe and the author of a number of outstanding books. The fact that Marketing Plans has been such a massive seller offers testimony of this. McDonald writes with clarity and insight that is becoming increasingly rare today. It is powerful, up-to-date and has proved that it works.

The Marketing Plan is an integral part of business strategy that is generally completed as part of the annual business planning initiative. These two pans (but we will focus on marketing for this book review) depending on the organisations maturity and objectives can be extremely complicated and time consuming to produce. This innate complexity of producing strategic marketing plans lends itself ideally to the rigors of formal project management practices especially when one considers the high level of risks that is involved. Fortunately, the construction of the marketing plan can very easily be adapted into the clear-cut phases that make up a project.

Project Managers using this book by Malcolm McDonald will find that it provides the reader with a well thought out, clear and concise methodology for producing highly sophisticated and functional marketing plans.

This book is definitely well worthwhile reading and keeping as part of your business reference library.

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Stephan Toth

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