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Interpersonal Management Skills - Learning International

Postby satisfactionuk » Mon 07 Feb 2011 7:56 pm

I am not sure if this course is still in print or only available as a paid for course but you may like to either do an internet bookshop search such as through or some other provider or by contacting Learning International at 200 First Stamford Place, P.O. Box 10211, Stamford, CT 06904, USA.

Interpersonal Managing Skills is a complete self study programme that will teach you the finer points in the art of dealing and interacting with people within a work environment.

The course covers thirty-two specific work situations compiled into four categories according to the intentions and objectives of the student wishing to influence the behaviour of others. An additional fifth category presents some special applications for especially challenging situations.

This is an interactive course and ideally it should be studied with a study partner or in a group, having completed a section you should practice its lessons at work and in daily life until they become second nature and do not make you feel awkward or uncomfortable and others do not perceive them as being rather plastic and artificial.

While completing the course you will obviously make some mistakes and little blunders, which should be viewed with a sense of humour and provide you with the drive to study the section more until you have mastered the technique.

This principles and practices in this course are suitable for everyone who wishes to improve their level of understanding in dealing with people whether on not you intend to go into a management position. The course is especially suitable for people who have to interact with the general public on a daily bases and efficiently solve the multitude of problems that upset customers.

As with everything that is worthwhile doing, this course is not a walk in the park, you really do have to take it seriously and work at it to gain the best benefits.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth

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