Building A Chain of Customers - Richard J Schonberger

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Building A Chain of Customers - Richard J Schonberger

Postby satisfactionuk » Mon 07 Feb 2011 12:37 am

Building a Chain of Customers - Linking Business Functions to Create The World Class Company

This is the third book in my trilogy of essential reading and though it covers a slightly different subject matter and perspective it is still in line with essential reading on business strategy.

Again, this book is far to important to bless it with my personal views which are awesome, so I will reiterate the opinions of professional book reviewers found on the back cover.

"Organisations must be radically reconfigured. Richard Schonberger provides a bold and meticulously detailed blueprint for redesigning corporations to destroy functional myopia, to live as a whole to serve the customer." - Tom Peters - Author of Thriving on Chaos.

"Schonberger presents a powerful synthesis of leading-dege thinking that is bound to shape management practice well into the next century. This is th one book all managers, regardless of background or experience, must read in 1990. Schonberger uses scores of examples to show how the concept of 'building a chain of customers' unifies all functions in the world-class enterprise." - H. Thomas Johnson - Retzlaff Professor of Cost Management Portland State University.

"I highly recommend Building a Chain of Customers as required reading for every CEO who is truly committed to leading his or her organization to world-class manufacturing excellence." - Charles Bingham Executive Vice President Weyerhaeuser Company.

"This book needs to be read and thoroughly understood by American's top management. It not only gives the answers to the Why's but gives precise direction to the How's. I totally agree that high quality, lower cost, quicker response and greater flexibility are not in conflict but mutually supportive." - Herbert B Morote Ph.D. Sector President - Medical Becton Dickinson and Company.

"Richard Schonberger has provided a great deal of substance for a concept that we fully endorse. Executing the concept that every employee, regardless of his/her physical location and position in the business, has a customer that must be satisfied with quality and timely service or product is easy to articulate but challenging to implement thoroughly in a large organization." - Raymond G Adams - Director, Manufacturing Operations, Engine Division, Caterpillar, Inc.

Well what can I say; these are powerful endorsements from some very knowledgeable and experienced people.

How does this apply to project management, the answer to that question is easy, just re-read the last endorsement from a project managers perspective.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth

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