Project Manager's Spotlight on Risk Management - Kim Heldman, PMP

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Project Manager's Spotlight on Risk Management - Kim Heldman, PMP

Postby satisfactionuk » Fri 04 Feb 2011 12:44 am

This is another really good book that covers what I call the soft issues (not to highbrow or mathematical) in Project Risk Management.

I won't go into a chapter-by-chapter review of the book like I have done above as it generally covers all of the basic topics one would expect to find in a quality book.

I liked the author’s presentation style and his personal slant on the topic material; he covers in good detail and also provides good examples of issues that are easy to follow.

If you have read a lot of project risk management books you will be aware of most of the basic material, however, the author does surprise you with some very good insights and perspectives on the subject matter that encourages some very serious thought.

On the whole, a good book for learning from and as an addition to your reference library.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth

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