Risk Anaysis and Its Applications-David B Hertz & Howard Thaomas

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Risk Anaysis and Its Applications-David B Hertz & Howard Thaomas

Postby satisfactionuk » Fri 04 Feb 2011 12:39 am

This is my latest book on Risk Management delivered today and at first glance through the pages appears to be at the top end of the subject matter.

It contains lots of mathematics, tabular examples and worked diagrams with associated case studies.

It is focused more towards the general business sciences than practical project management. However, I think Project Managers taking the time to study this book will be ideally placed to handle just about any complex decision making situation that may come their way.

The author’s notes:
This book develops two articles by David Hertz, originally published in Harvard Business Review, to present a broad understanding of the risk analysis approach and its potential areas of application. It offers a strategic thinking methodology, which might encourage decision-makers to examine carefully the data and assumptions surrounding a decision problem such as an investment project.

Case studies are included and the practical nature of this book should appeal to business majors, MBA's executive program students, practitioners and businessmen.

I think it would be very useful exercise to work through the examples as directed by the books authors in the first instance and then to rework them using the vast array of awesome decision suite tools provided by http://www.palisade.com

Perhaps the results may be different or more enlightened after being subjected to the rigors of the Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube simulation techniques found in these tools.
Stephan Toth

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