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Introduction to PRINCE2 - Book, Self Study & Audio

Posted: Sat 02 Apr 2011 1:55 pm
by ThePRINCE2Coach
This ebook by Frank Turley, MgmtPlaza will provide you with an excellent introduction to PRINCE2, Its is also a great way to prepare for classroom training, self study or revise your PRINCE2 knowledge (Foundation Level)

This Introduction to PRINCE2 manual covers the following:
  • Provides a high level overview of PRINCE2
  • How project starts and the next steps
  • How and when and which documents need to be created and by who…
  • How the project moves from Startup to Initiation, on to the Stages, ...
  • Relationship between processes (eg: the outputs and inputs)
  • Typical Project Manager Activities
  • How the Project Board interacts with and control the project
  • etc.
This ebook is also available in podcast (audio course) and cbt/flash formats and you download this ebook.