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What happens post PRINCE2?

Posted: Thu 10 Feb 2011 2:53 pm
by EngineringPM
Hello All
I have been working in Engineering for the last 15 years. I was invited to become a Project manager around five years ago
Since that time I have been working on various projects large and small, NPI to cost down etc
However I have been running projects with only Mentor training, this has meant that I sometimes lack the necessary jargon and tools to compete with the more experienced Project managers
I took the PRINCE2 practitioner exams last year (passed), I am also in the process of implementing PRINCE2 into my current company via Project in a box (training completed also)
I also have an HNC in Engineering , but no degree!

I was wondering what is the next step for me with regards to training?
I was interviewed for a position last month and struggled with the jargon, only to find that most of it I do every day!
Your help would be greatly appreciated

Re: What happens post PRINCE2?

Posted: Mon 14 Feb 2011 2:02 am
by satisfactionuk
Hi, Educationally you could take one educational route through a part time Project Management and Logistics BA then go on to the same for the MSc qualification.

Alternatively, if you can afford it, and maybe this is the better path, do each of the professional bodies examinations e.g. PMI PMBOK, then the AMP and finishing off with the Australian and New Zealand one (Google it to find out the name).

Doing it this way you are building on your experience of different professional bodies, the letters look good on your resume and business cards and you can operate almost anywhere in the world using the project management system that the company has adopted.

You could then go to the relavant websites and see what other specialist qualifications they are offering under each of the professional bodies.

Your limitations are only concerned with your finances (how much you can afford to keep spending on your education) your time (how much of your free time are you prepared to use on educational studies) and your determination and thurst for knowledge.

For a point of encouragement, I started studying in 1989 and now at the age of 60 have not stopped, I buy 2 new books a month and review another 2 books from my library at the same time, I also find numerous courses on the internet to keep my interest going but then again at my age I only need 6 hours sleep a night.

So the world is your oyster if your willing to put the time and effort in, just make sure your adequately rewarded for your efforts.

As for the Prince 2 terminology you can work through the modules on my personal study website Diplotechnic start with module 1 and follow the instructions in the opening pages for each module. Having learnt these off by heart you then need to go to the glossary section of your Prince 2 manual and rote learn the terms and definitions from there, I have not put them on the site yet.

If you do this you will be more than adequately prepared to answer every single question that any interviewer puts to you. In fact, you will probably impress them so much that they become embarrassed at the level of your knowledge.

I hope this advice has helped you.
Kind regards

Stephan Toth

Re: What happens post PRINCE2?

Posted: Wed 16 Feb 2011 8:27 pm
by EngineringPM
Hello Stephan
Many thanks for the very valuable advice you have added below
I will look at the two routes and study from there
Time and money are restraints we all have, however the sacrifice of both should pay dividends for me.
I too have started buying books including "Brilliant project management" by Baker and Cole
Do you have any others that you would recommend
Once again many thanks for this information
Best regards

Re: What happens post PRINCE2?

Posted: Thu 17 Feb 2011 7:51 pm
by satisfactionuk
Would you be kind enough to help other project managers by reviewing the book in the Business Book Review section of this site and while your there you can check out the other book reviews that take your fancy.
Kind regards

Stepan Toth