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Made Redundant and NO HOPE - Well there is!!!

Posted: Thu 13 Jan 2011 7:12 pm
by satisfactionuk
Proposition and Person Spec:
Are you a mature person who is abundantly skilled and qualified with many years experience in business areas such as HRM, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, Production, Building, Surveying etc?

Have you been made redundant and are now finding that ageism, sexism or any other ism, or just the recession in general is making it hard for you to find another position?

Do you live in London near to Westminster?

Have you been learning Project Management in order to add value to your skills and form the basis for a career change?

Well here is news for you, us old fogies are not past it, we have decades of work experience, skills and education and together with a little determination we can put together a formidable company team that will succeed.

I am looking to create a ‘Super Brain’ of highly professional and dedicated Project Management team under the company banner ‘DIPLOTECHNIC’.

I have secured the website Diplotechnic and will shortly develop it into a project management consultancy site.

The team will consist of highly skilled mature professionals based in London who are willing to form an equal partnership.

If you are interested in this proposition then contact me by email at stating your interest, experience and qualifications.

Remember in Project Management all work experience is relevant experience.

So if twenty or thirty years ago you were a brick layer, plumber or any other skilled trade or profession and worked your way up through management and now have trained or are training for project management then it is highly relevant work experience and you should give me a call.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

Stephan Toth

Re: Made Redundant and NO HOPE - Well there is!!!

Posted: Fri 14 Jan 2011 9:23 am
by dhaughey
Great initiative Stephan. I have several colleagues and friends who were recently made redundant, many in their late 40s and early 50s. Their biggest worry was finding another job. Would anyone want to employ them at their time of life? Interestingly, most decided gaining a project management qualification (PMP or PRINCE2) would be the way forward. I'm glad to say that most have found jobs, many in contract project management. That got me thinking - why not put all this talent together to create a pool of expert project managers. Seems like you've had the same idea. I'm interested to hear how things go.

Best of luck!

Re: Made Redundant and NO HOPE - Well there is!!!

Posted: Sat 15 Jan 2011 2:23 am
by satisfactionuk
Yes dhaughey,

My vision is not just based on project management experience as most of the courses will teach the fundamental techniques of this in a week though I realise that from a practical point of view and from personal experience there is a whole load of home study involved too. The thing that I see in which most companies are failing to take account of is the past experiences of older people like myself. We have a lifetime of highly relevant work experience to fall back on when dealing with situations, people and project problems, which when all said and done, the younger generation just does not have and therefore cannot relate to.

Now I fully understand the principle outlined in Prince2 of managing by exception, which is nice in theory but in, the real world of business management is ludicrous.

Though a project manager does not need to be an expert in whatever field s/he is operating in at the time s/he must be able to intelligently communicate with other professionals and have some basic understanding of what they are talking about. Saying hmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that issue is just not good enough and will definitely not score any confidence points.

So my idea is really very simple, form a company of mature people with a diverse amount of work and life experiences, where everyone is equal and highly motivated to running projects and solving problems.

Lets face it, if you are a company that employs 10 graduates straight from university who have taken up project management then you have 10 x zero years work experience to call upon.

If you form the same company with mature people with a lifetime of work experience you have at least 10 x 30 or 300 years experience to call on. Now multiply this to 20 , 30 or 40 project managers from all walks of life. That is 600, 900 or even 1200 or more years of experience at your fingertips.

Which scenario makes better business sense to you?

Now all I need is more people of vision to make it happen.