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Project Management Documentation: RAID

Posted: Fri 08 Nov 2019 10:52 am
by jawlingomes
Hi All,

I have been struggling recently on what is the recommended way to keep track of all registered issues regarding the projects I have, for example, five ongoing projects simultaneously within a program.

I use Excel and OneNote. In OneNote, for example, I separate each project and track issues on all of them separately. But, I also have a priority list - separated - which includes issues from different topics. I realized that I complicated things a bit by trying to separate each ongoing projects and their issues and priorities.

Could you advise how you manage issues and priorities for different projects which are implemented in parallel and how do you manage to avoid a mess in all issues regarding each projects, their interdependencies and inter-priorities?

Should there be one Excel with all issues and priorities, so that when I sit down to work, I can filter it accordingly and start managing? Or maybe it is recommended to separate projects, their issues and priorities within one program?

Thank you!

Re: Project Management Documentation: RAID!!

Posted: Wed 06 May 2020 8:24 pm
by chriswise01
Bit late, but I use DockIT - It's an online tool where you can keep track of issues/risks, etc.

I hope that helps.