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Project Management in Gaming Companies?

Posted: Tue 09 Jul 2019 2:49 pm
by klolwer
I saw a thread elsewhere about a psychology degree being used in a gaming company... I ended up getting a bachelors in operations and information management and did my internship with Walgreens (obviously it was more on the operations side of things).

I've been working in an IT shop (sadly not gaming... not even close) for 5 years now and I wonder how project management is treated/works in the gaming industry? Do you start as a developer then move up to a project manager or are project managers hired directly?

Is it seen as highly valuable? Useless? I've seen a lot of project managers in other industries focus a lot on communications to the media; is this true in the gaming industry? I hardly ever see job postings for project management, yet I see a lot of articles and interviews with a project manager.

I don't mind high stress; in fact, my performance goes up... but I'm looking to do something enjoyable at an interest level.

Re: Project Management in Gaming Companies?

Posted: Mon 27 Jan 2020 4:46 pm
by Bin
Hi Klolwer,

I have the similar situation now that I want to do something that I have interest like games and now I'm in a company that is not related to it.

What I'm doing now is to start to play with game engines and find people have similar interest. I think project management for game industry needs quite some specific knowledge that acquires from daily job. Maybe start from hobbies and then find a good chance to fully immerse in a game release. Directly becoming a project manager from another IT industry would be a bit difficult in my opinion. Also games can be online, mobile, 2D 3D, I think they have some differences on how you manage the project as well. Anyway, I'm interested in how people think of this question as well, coz help developing a game is so exciting. Now i'm also working for it. Cheers mate!