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First Official Project Management Assignment

Posted: Tue 20 Feb 2018 8:11 pm
by SkyCamp
Hello everyone,

I am facing a great opportunity and was wondering whether it would be possible at all to get here some guidance. In brief, 3 months into the 6 month contract, I have made a major breakthrough in supporting a team that had been chronically generating inaccurate data for reports.

Having worked too no guidance at all, I am now hearing this is becoming part of a project of national scope. If I read between the lines correctly, there's a chance for me to act as the project manager. I might be wrong, especially, given that the other agents are between 1 and 3 grades higher, but if I am right this actually matches my whole history with this company, in total nearly a year - but what a year!

What I would hope to get here- and I wonder if anyone would be happy to help, and if the forum knows this kind of interaction - is a bit of reviewing of the project writing that I am about to be doing. Having done some reading and a simple online course in PRINCE2, I think I will be relying on this framework.

So now I'm off to do some writing, and will get back with anonymized content. Thank you for reading and speak with you soon.