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What degree should I choose to further my career?

Posted: Sat 22 Jul 2017 9:40 am
by Salemswitch
For the longest time I've been thinking about doing a second degree part time, but I would want to avoid a situation where I do one just for the sake of having an extra bit of paper to my name (that's what my first liberal arts degree turned out to be.)

I work in project governance (PMO) rather than delivery and although I've got a good salary, an okay work environment and I'm fully PRINCE 2 qualified (both foundation and practitioner), my manager told me a while back that there wasn't much scope for career progression. The best I could get (according to him) would be to replace one of my more senior team colleagues - who perform the same tasks as me, but have more experience and bigger salaries.

I like the field, but would like to move to actual project management rather than just governance (glorified admin IMO) but whenever I look up vacancies in project delivery they either require experience in very specific sectors such as construction or IT or a STEM degree.

At this stage I'm considering (and struggling to choose) between a BSc in Accounting and Finance and a BSc in Information Technology. I have interest in both of these fields, perhaps more in IT but then I feel like Accounting offers better job security and a rather straightforward career progression should I fail at getting anywhere in PM and decide to become an accountant. Also I wouldn't mind becoming a Financial Analyst for projects, or a Budget consultant etc.

Would anyone be able to advice on best course of action here? Thank you.

Re: What degree should I choose to further my career?

Posted: Thu 31 Aug 2017 1:59 pm
by DuoMaxwell
Personally I don't have a degree, and it hasn't been a hindrance to me in getting PM roles. If you want to be a construction PM then you will probably need some kind of engineering degree.

Your best bet is to search the job pages for current PM opening and look at the degree requirements - this will give you an indication of what you need.

Personally I've worked with several people who have moved from a PMO Co-ordinator/analyst to a PM role - it is very similar after all. If your current company does not offer this progression I suggest finding a different company that will, or applying for a PM role outside of your company - no harm in trying! You may find you don't need that degree either, saving you time and money.

Good luck!

Re: What degree should I choose to further my career?

Posted: Wed 01 Nov 2017 4:03 pm
by Marina
It's a very interesting question.

I'm myself a project manager in a 60 employee company.

To be honest, I don't have any diploma and it's not a problem at all. What did I do to get that job? Worked hard for years and proved that even without diploma, my skills are valuable.

I was reading a post recently where the blogger was stating that to become a project manager you have to have a diploma. Yes and no.

I mean, nowadays, it's always better to do an interview and having something written on your CV. Although, if your will is to be involved in the company, a diploma is not necessary. People will see that what you are doing is good and you can do much more (especially in "small companies")

Motivation is the key, whatever you want to do!

Hope it helps :)

Re: What degree should I choose to further my career?

Posted: Mon 06 Nov 2017 8:30 am
by Fazal Hussain
If you are a project manager and further want to enhance your career then I believe a degree in management sciences can really help you in achieving better results. I would advise you to remain with your current employer as most people who get promoted to senior level positions are mostly those who have been working with the organization for quite some time and has proven themselves worthy in organization's success.

Re: What degree should I choose to further my career?

Posted: Wed 22 Nov 2017 11:56 am
by Megan Wale
You can prefer a PMI certification for your further career.

Re: What degree should I choose to further my career?

Posted: Tue 30 Jan 2018 1:23 pm
by hannankirmani
Yes PMI certification will be good.