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Web based open source calendar recommendaton required

Posted: Tue 11 Apr 2017 3:53 pm
by worklife
Hi, I have been tasked with a job for my boss of finding a suitable open source web based calendar for our needs. It's for resource management purposes, for higher management to be able to keep an eye on the various projects going on and be aware of any overlaps/possible conflicts with projects. First of all I set up a calendar in Google Calendar on my bosses suggestion and we were happy with it. Don't need to input much information, just the project name, when it starts and finishes - and for it to be editable by select other people, want to be able to authorise some to view and some to edit as the idea is for me not to be the single point of failure, but to set it all up and then hand over the responsibility to those on the various projects to update finishing dates etc as things change. This seems to rule out webcalendar as only the creator can edit events.

Anyway Google Calendar was ok until we found the staff at another company we are collaborating with on this project did not have access to Google Calendar. Hence I think the reason the boss has asked for web based to get around the security on the systems of the two companies preventing them from communicating with each other! Next I was asked to look at JIRA as both companies use it, alas JIRA calendar is an addon which costs and my companys said no to the budget and to look elsewhere, so any recommendations please?

ALso when looking at the calendar my boss would like to be able to look at a yearly overview of everything and a few calendars seem to specify day week or month but not year view. Was just looking at Booked - but on first appearances no mention of a yearly view of calendar items (we are not looking daily events at the moment, this is more for monitoring projects that go on for a few days at minimum, but mainly months.

So thought I should join a relevant forum for advice - and I've just started working for the boss so more queries may pop up in future! We are in I.T. if the project type matters and not concerned with booking of resources or anything, just monitoring what's running and when.

Re: Web based open source calendar recommendaton required

Posted: Mon 24 Jul 2017 12:00 pm
by vartikakashyap
I'd say Google calendar is the best fit for this.

Re: Web based open source calendar recommendaton required

Posted: Wed 01 Nov 2017 3:55 pm
by Marina
A good one I came across was TeamGantt, but it's free for only one project then you have to pay. I think it's 7$ a month so not that expensive... Otherwise, I would say tools based on Gantt charts are the most optimized ones to manage projects.

Re: Web based open source calendar recommendaton required

Posted: Fri 01 Dec 2017 1:23 am
by Mania
Google one is a very simple and common solution in this case, however it's not made specially for manager's wrok so maybe it's better to use a more professional one. I can recommend TeamGantt too, it's more effective in this case and is cheaper than other similiar products.