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Data From Real Projects

Posted: Thu 17 Nov 2016 3:58 pm

I'm following a course about project management. We have a group work about project management. We were thinking about collecting data from a real project and analyze it.

So we would like to get in touch with a project manager who can provide us with data from projects he/she has done. This data can be the concept/definition of the project, list of activities, the schedule, risk analysis, project control, a microsoft project file, other software file,...

The project management course is given at the university and to MBA students. The focus was on dynamic scheduling (schedule, risk analysis and project control). The methods discussed were PERT/CPM, critical chain/buffer management and EVM.

The data will not be share or published.

If you want we can give you the final report.

I hope someone can help us, thanks in advance!

Data From Real Projects

Posted: Tue 20 Dec 2016 9:19 am
by Richardovellee
Hope this is a simple thing to do...anybody have a clue?