Chronology of PMBOK Processes and ITTOs Within a Project

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Chronology of PMBOK Processes and ITTOs Within a Project

Postby jamiemcrobb » Mon 25 Jul 2016 5:33 pm

Hello All,

I'm studying for PMP and so I'm currently working through an e-learning program describing all of the Process, ITTOs and Activities.
However (for now at least) the chronology of the processes is not at all evident.

Obviously we work through the Process Groups ( I > P > E / M&C > C) left to right, but there is no indication so far of what is best practice within the groups - for example within the planning group some processes appear to be inputs to one another, so what comes first?
I appreciate that there can be variance across different projects but I would certainly find it extremely helpful to see an online lecture or article which took a hypothetical 'typical' project through all 47 processes, with the ITTOs, in the order in which these might occur in reality.

Does anyone know of such a resource, or have any pointers to assist?

Thanks in advance,


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