Capturing Information/Requirements Formally

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Capturing Information/Requirements Formally

Postby ps124 » Wed 06 Jul 2016 6:14 pm

Hi, new to this forum...this is my first post.

I've just kicked off a new project, which is in the 'storming' phase. Loads of questions to and from the customer and from me. Comments/suggestions/requirements/information is passed all over the place and at present it's all just via emails. I've taken minutes and sent these out whenever we've had a meeting, but what I want to know is whether to capture all of these items in some sort of formal document or log. At present, I'm just logging these onto a simple customer made spreadsheet, which I can send to the customer and will do the trick, but is there a formal way of doing this? I'm not aware of anything.

Thanks, all.

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Re: Capturing Information/Requirements Formally

Postby jayashree » Mon 12 Sep 2016 7:48 am

Maintaining it in a spreadsheet is really good as you should keep on updating it. Maintain an online document if you need one.

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