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Young Project planner

Posted: Mon 13 Jun 2016 4:35 am
by Xtrykr
Hello there! I'm Raul. I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding my future. I'm 22 and studying mechanical engineering at university. I want to be a project planner. My father's a project planner too but he went about it a different way and doesn't necessarily know what steps I would need to take to get to his stage. (I already know how to use Primavera, Asta and Microsoft Project)

Q1: If I wish to do a placement after my second year, what type of field should I get into that correlates well with project planning?
Q2: What extra-curricular skills should I possess that would help me become a better project planner?

Last but not least...

Q3: What's it like? Enjoyable? Boring? Lots of paperwork? Is there a future in project planning where I get my own desk and an office that opens to the wondrous view of Buckingham palace?

Thank you for your time! Hope to get enlightened in any way possible!

Re: Young Project planner

Posted: Thu 30 Jun 2016 8:22 am
by jayashree
To go with a project planner career, first of all you should make sure you get sufficient knowledge about that field before going about with it.