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London PM Networking and Events

Posted: Thu 24 Mar 2016 11:51 am
by jabbabroadley
Hi All,

I have been a Project Manager for around a year and a half now and I am really looking to improve my network and source local PM events.

Can any kind-hearted people on this forum suggest where I could start?



Re: London PM Networking and Events

Posted: Thu 06 Oct 2016 7:26 am
by jayashree
Networking provides you with a great source of connections, and really opens the door to talk to highly influential people that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to easily talk to or find. It’s not just about who you are networking with directly either – that person will already have a network you can tap into as well. So ask the right questions to find out if the person you are networking with knows who you want to know!

Re: London PM Networking and Events

Posted: Sun 23 Oct 2016 3:35 pm
by John_Mac
PMI run a toastmasters group in London that could be worth a look. Whilst it is not clear from the web page, you don't have to be a chapter member to attend. Link here: ... sters-club

If you are more interested in PMO than PM, then it could be worth taking a look at PMOFlashmob who meet on the last Thursday of every month. Link here: