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Automatically Incrementing Task Start Dates

Posted: Thu 24 Dec 2015 3:42 am
by donebeforebrekky
Hi guys,

I wanted to get your feedback on an item I was considering. Many project tasks are not on the critical path and as such there is no consequence to starting the task later than planned - indeed, this is often the case. Therefore, I was wondering if such common phenomenon cannot be represented.

So, the idea would be to increment the start date for tasks that have not yet been started, but whose start date had already reached today's date. This would have the effect of shifting the current (tasks due to start today), non-active tasks to the following day. In reality, this is essentially what is happening - tasks that are not being worked on will be shifted. Normally this task shifting would be manual so essentially this would automate this process. The points I wanted to ask here:
  1. Do you see any disadvantage in applying this automated approach?
  2. Is there any software that can already do this?

Re: Automatically Incrementing Task Start Dates

Posted: Wed 03 Aug 2016 7:20 am
by jayashree
Automated approach does really work better.