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Career in Project Management - Too late?

Posted: Thu 29 Oct 2015 9:44 am
by rhjp
Dear All,

I would like to ask the forum members for your insight with respect to dynamics of the PM job market. My question focuses on the relevance of age and experience outside formal PM to someone that would like re-route his career towards PM.

This is, briefly, my case. I am 38 with a PhD and 7 years of post-doctoral experience in natural sciences (protein biochemistry and biophysics). I have developed my career mostly pursuing my curiosity and looking for the taste of something new to study. Hence I have hopped across many different types of studies and, gained experience with many different methods. Contrary to many of my colleagues, I never attempted to build a career focused in being an expert of what could be considered as a "very narrow field". I think I don't have the profile for that

One of the things that has always astonished in the academic/university settings even when I was a grad student (and still today), is the lack of coordination, accountability, and what my intuition tells me of what "proper management" should be like. This is for sure also true in many sectors, and it is a fight in all companies to different extents, although the mechanisms of correction in a traditional sector such as a university are often rather limited.

Recently I have started training in PM online since I believe that whatever happens it will always be good for me. But, as I progress, not only am I appreciating the component of strategic thinking, it is becoming increasingly apparent that I should invest more seriously towards that path as a career option. However, at 38 and having no industrial experience whatsoever, I wonder what are the chances of someone like me with basic PM training to be able to change careers. Please let me know what you think, to which extent this is viable. Certainly getting an MBA does not hurt, but to which extent do you think that having a shorter (and cheaper) post-grad training is worthwhile? Any additional thoughts or reflections on the matter are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for all your comments.

Kind regards,


Re: Career in Project Management - Too late?

Posted: Mon 13 Jun 2016 7:10 am
by jayashree
As far as you attend certification courses it is well and good. But the same time examine and inquire about its value in the market so that you will come to know which one to choose upon. This can help you to a greater extent.

Re: Career in Project Management - Too late?

Posted: Sat 09 Sep 2017 8:09 am
by paretocrm
It's possible but don't have too high expectation at start. Get some experience first, also compliment your PM knowledge with industry-related skills. If it's construction, then visit some related courses. If you would be a project manager in a digital agency, then knowing all the marketing trends is a must.