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Project Managers' Success Factors

Posted: Sun 04 Jul 2010 9:18 am
by kelvin188

I came across an interesting website for project managers. The site studies the importance of emotional and cultural intelligence (plus some other attributes) of project managers in relation to their project management performance.

It offers free assessment in those two intelligence quotients. Such professional assessments normally cost hundreds of dollars but the site's free assessment is for a limited time only. I recommend you to check it out because it may be beneficial to your career.

Re: Project Managers' Success Factors

Posted: Wed 08 Sep 2010 7:41 pm
by satisfactionuk
Not withstanding the administrative aspects of Prince2 project management, project management is fundamentally the art of obtaining commitment and results from other people. Therefore people management skill is a number one necessity for all project managers.

With regard to this, I would thoroughly recommend that prospective project managers download and learn until they have fully internalised the principles outlined by 'Napoleon Hill - Law of Success’ you can either buy a copy online or download an audio version free as a torrent.

His chapter on creating a 'super mind' e.g. a diverse team that are all focused on obtaining one 'ultimate goal' (the project) is of paramount importance to project managers.

The orator of the course being American is a little long winded for British tastes but all of the lessons are highly relevant and should be studied with an open and absorbing mind.