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Which PRINCE2?

Posted: Wed 13 Aug 2014 2:28 pm
by Frankus

New to PM, although I have completed a few projects in the past. I am looking first to do PRINCE2, then hopefully, progress to PMP.

There a number of PRINCE2 course providers, but which is best?

There's Training Deals - Foundation & Practitioner @ £995
SPOCE @ £999
Knowledge Academy @ £939

Anyone know the difference, or any more sources, cheaper/better? Near Northampton preferably.

Thanks in advance,
Keith Simpson

Re: Which PRINCE2?

Posted: Fri 15 Aug 2014 1:21 pm
by kwalford
Go for Provek Training or QA. Out of the two, Provek are very good with customer service. Thanks, Kit.

Re: Which PRINCE2?

Posted: Tue 19 Aug 2014 9:52 pm
by dhaughey
I agree with Kit. I've used QA and they are very good.


Re: Which PRINCE2?

Posted: Wed 20 Aug 2014 9:38 pm
by stonesfan
Frankus, a good idea is to read a PRINCE2 related book before you go on any classroom training. I bought myself 'PRINCE2 Study Guide' by David Hind. It's a book endorsed on this forum.

Should take a few weeks to read through the book, do the practice questions, revisit them and take a good few notes too. Unlike a lot of online 'brain dumps', the reasons for the correct answers are explained in this book. Get a reasonable idea of what PRINCE2 is all about and its processes before you go on any classroom training.

Seriously, even if you are a naturally born PM in the making, don't turn up to a 5 day course with zero knowledge of PRINCE2. You will not gain maximum value from the course. You want to turn up there and hit the ground running, bounce ideas off of people with your existing knowledge and fine tune any weak points.

That's just my personal opinion mind. Be interesting to see if others agree with doing some homework before going on the course.

In fact some PRINCE2 courses may give you course material to study first?

Good luck.