High/Low-Level Information in the Context of Project Planning?

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High/Low-Level Information in the Context of Project Planning?

Postby DavidDe » Wed 26 Mar 2014 3:03 am

Hello all,

What does 'high-level information' mean in the context of Comparative Overview of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management; as in

"Project managers progressively elaborate high-level information into detailed plans throughout the project life cycle." (p.8, PMBOK 5th).

I think it is intending to very much refer to details concerning the project constraints and detailed requirements and scope of the resultant product than those overall figures (e.g. preliminary estimations) and such information that one can find in Project Charter.


"Program managers develop the overall program plan and create high-level plans to guide detailed planning at the component level." (p.8, PMBOK 5th)

Correct me if I am wrong; and please distinguish high-level and low-level information and plans in those contexts.


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