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Project Kick Start Problem

Posted: Mon 17 Mar 2014 7:07 am
by Danman
Hi all,

I am new to this forum and appreciate if anyone can help me with this scenario.

You have been assigned a new project and have met up with the business lead for the project. The business lead is quite keen for you to setup and conduct a kick-off meeting with the stakeholders. You have been on the project for 2 days and are still finding your feet regarding the project scope, key stakeholders, etc.


Create a 15 minute presentation covering the following (making suitable assumptions where necessary):
  • Next steps after your meeting with the business lead.
  • Detail the tasks (including timelines) you will take to gather the information for the Kick-off meeting.
  • Planning and setup of the kick-off meeting (including delivery method).
  • List of the things you would include in the kick-off presentation and why.

Re: Project Kick Start Problem

Posted: Tue 18 Mar 2014 9:51 pm
by kwalford

I am going to take a step back and let someone else answer this.

One thing I do know, is that the kick off meeting is to bring the team & stakeholders together. It should be high-level and detail the projects deliverables, timing, and objectives (success criteria) etc.

Some aspects of the project will not be known and the meeting should summarise the project, rather than going into mass detail. You might have a diverse mix of people in the meeting and not everyone will need to know the granular details.

Who will be in this kick-off meeting?

You might find this link to the POST method useful: ... f=2&t=1521

Many thanks,