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What job role is best for starting a career as an eventual PM?

Posted: Tue 04 Mar 2014 9:49 pm
by adamt
I have just qualified PRINCE2 practitioner, but my background is in finance.

I want to get my foot in the door for an eventual career as a project manager, but realise I need to start at a graduate/entry level.

So can others advise on a good starting role that can lead to a project manager role? I read the sticky thread on being a PM.

I have seen junior PM roles, but they require a years project experience.

I have looked at project admin, officer and support roles, but these still look for experience in a project office.


Re: What job role is best for starting a career as an eventual PM?

Posted: Fri 07 Mar 2014 11:59 am
by chrisleak1
I'm not sure how applicable this may be to you but...

I have done a years experience as a Business Analyst, working closely with project managers which in turn has meant I have picked up a lot of their skills along the way. This may be a step too far in the wrong direction but I worked in a large, financial organisation which allowed for a lot of development and growth into completely different areas of the business. For example, I started out as an analyst but had the opportunity to move into software delivery, project management, different roles like that!

So in short, maybe don't look specifically for project management roles but others in the same arena who are exposed to similar situations. Or see if you can get a foot in the door in larger organisations that will allow cross department moves and encourage personal development.

Not sure if that is of any use to you but that's my two pence worth! :)