Automated Application Deployment

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Automated Application Deployment

Postby dmheiland » Thu 10 Jun 2010 2:17 pm

Hi there all,

I would like to begin to automate application rollouts/deployments to my UAT and Production servers.

I'm a senior PM in charge of the 'Solution Delivery' arm of our organisation. We have around 25-30 clients, each client using their own installation of a distributed web-based application - 2 app servers and a DB server.

My remit is to not only deliver my projects on time/budget, etc. but that ensure these applications are delivered successfully to our various environments.

Our source code will be in MS Team Foundation Server soon (it's in VSS now). We have automated builds of our product on a daily basis.

I would like to know if anyone has any experience in automating the rollout of applications - the rollout would consist of:

  • Deploying and installing MS .Net applications and services
  • Copying files
  • Executing DB scripts
  • Logging and auditing all the above changes

Each of our clients is of course slightly customised, making the job a little harder.

I'm looking for a tool (probably script-based) that will help me manage/deploy the above.

Does anyone else have experience of this problem/solved it before/provide some insight?

Many thanks

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Re: Automated Application Deployment

Postby danielk127 » Sun 13 Jun 2010 3:59 pm

Hi David,

In order to accomplish this in a scalable manner you need to start implementing automation. We went through the process of manual -> scripts -> automation. Right now, we're using a combination of Chef and Nolio.


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