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New to PM

Posted: Thu 08 Apr 2010 1:54 pm
by laputa01
Just read the article 'Top Ten Qualities of a Project Manager'. I would like anyone to share why and how they got into Project Management?

Many thanks

Re: New to PM

Posted: Fri 09 Apr 2010 8:00 am
by dhaughey
My job took me into project management, it wasn't a conscious choice I'm made. Later I did the PRINCE2 Practitioner and PMP to firm up my skills and became a professional project manager.

I think many people have jobs that at least in part contain elements of project management, often they just don't realise it.

Most project managers I know didn't leave college thinking they'd become a project manager, that happened later in their career.

In his article 'How to Become a Project Manager' David Litten talks about the eight skills needed on the path to project management.

Re: New to PM

Posted: Wed 21 Apr 2010 9:04 pm
by mattshearer
Yep - project management is a huge area; lots of types of PM, scenarios that need PM, and flavours of PM frameworks.

I ended up in Programme (an interlinked [with dependencies] group of projects) and Portfolio (a related group of independent projects) management via project management.

My route was:-
  • Biology, to...
    Teaching, whilst...
    doing some corporate graphics on the side, a combination of which led to...
    fiddling around on the internet, and then...
    I started some freelance web projects, which led to...
    becoming a webmaster, and gradually increasing technical expertise, to become a...
    Technical Project Manager (i.e. a PM who has hands on experience with the technical medium in question), and then a...
    Team leader, and now a...
    Programme and Portfolio Manager.
Any questions on the above - PM me :)