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A companies success is directly proportional to the projects the company has completed successfully, meeting all the client requirements and specifications. A company's reputation, revenue and productivity is also related to this.

Unlike the olden days, technology is now active in all fields. Project management is no exception. Most of us know that technology can boost project management, but do we know the right tools for it? With right tools to manage projects, companies can save money, manpower and time. So here are some guidelines to finding the right project management solution.
  1. Track Progress: Tracking the progress of project and it's task is essential in managing a project successfully. Solutions that include features like Gantt chart and scrum boards are great for this.
  2. Identify your resources: A solution that interactively works to identify the users' task and assign them tasks without any conflicts. Conflicting tasks could mean missed deadlines.
  3. Report Generation: Automatic report generation is also an exciting feature to look out for.
Also when you are looking for a project management solution, make sure that you gather feedback from your team also.

Share your thoughts on this.

Thank you.
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Personally, I feel people worry too much about the tool and not enough about the process. A tool at its best assists by taking some of the leg work out of project management. It will save you time on repetitive tasks and reduce some of the drudgery. The project manager is running the project, not the tool. Find a decent tool that suits you and stick with it. Don't spend time worrying about whether there is something better out there.
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