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Communications Management

The Lifeblood of a Project

A communication plan, like the project plan, is a necessary part of a project. It's been said that communication is the lifeblood of projects.

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Are You a 'Tell' Manager or a 'Sell' Manager?

Tell or sell, two different approaches—both get work done, but some team management methods are more effective than others.

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Perception Is Not Always Equal

Just when we think everyone is on the same page, they may not be. How do we ensure that this doesn't cause our project to go off the rails at a critical point?

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It's Easy to Give the Good News

How do you deliver bad news on a project? Let's consider what we can do to best prepare for, and then effectively deliver, the bad news.

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How is the Project Going? - Part 2

For projects lasting six months or more, it's a good idea to pause at least twice as a team to discuss the project's health from the team's perspective.

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How is the Project Going? - Part 1

It's critical to stop periodically and take the pulse of your project. If you neglect your customer and fail to keep communication flowing, you may find yourself out of a job or without a project.

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Delivering the Tough News - Part 2

Have you had to deliver bad news on a project? Brad presents his final two steps in his personal four-step process of preparing for and delivering bad news to a project client.

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Delivering the Tough News - Part 1

Have you ever had to deliver tough news to a customer on a project? Here's four steps to help you prepare to deliver bad news and put yourself and your team in a very favourable light.

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When In Rome…

Misunderstanding and miscommunication can lead to serious problems on a project. It can lead to poor decisions, more miscommunication and re-work. For a project manager that can be extremely dangerous.

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Ignore Your Project Team

A lot of information flows on projects. Most is good, but we can receive bad information from time-to-time and we can't react based on everything we hear.

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The ARC of Distortion

Communication is the lifeblood of an organisation. Using the ARC of Distortion will help you improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisation.

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Top Five Communication Skills for Project Managers

Communication is a critical skill for project success, both for keeping team members up-to-date and for winning the support of key stakeholders. But which skills make all the difference?

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Turning Projects Round Using Communications

There is a right time to begin communicating and that is at the beginning of a project. But it is not the only time.

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The Importance of Communication in Project Management

Since I didn't hear otherwise, I ASSUMED all was going well. This remark is characteristic of project managers who are not in frequent communication with their staff.

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Project Communications: How to Keep Your Team Engaged and Informed

Good communication is vital to the success of your project. This article explores the methods used by project managers to tailor their communications to suit their audiences.

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Effective Project Communications

Communication is something to think about every day. Are your messages clear? Have you provided enough context? Are your expectations for any outcome apparent?

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Project Management of a Global Team

Becoming adept at using cyberspace as the primary location of your project team's interaction can literally create a team of highly specialised talent that can be located anywhere in the world.

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Project Management Starts with a Capital "C"

Today, it has become increasingly important to focus on more effective means of communication, especially since many of us work with virtual teams around the globe.

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Real World Project Management: Communications

Communication is more than just talking. Communication is also listening. When it comes to project management, communication takes up 90% of a project manager's time.

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What is the Secret to Project Management?

What do you feel is the secret to project management, in other words, what separates good project managers from great project managers?

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Obstacles to Project Communication

Communication is so important to project success that it has been referred to as the lifeblood of a project by more than one practitioner.

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Communication: The Lifeblood of a Project

As blood flows, it pumps oxygen through the body to sustain life. Likewise, communication is the lifeblood of projects and organisations. Here's how to understand what information is needed and who needs to receive it.

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