Project Initiation Templates

This is the most important phase of any project as it sets the terms-of-reference within which the project will run. If this is not done well the project will have a high likelihood of failure.

The initiation phase is where the business case is declared, scope of the project decided (what's in and what's out) and stakeholder expectations set.

Time spent on planning, refining the business case and communicating the expected benefits will help increase the likelihood of success. It is tempting to start working quickly, but a poor initiation phase often leads to failure.


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This document is used to provide a structured approach to proposing a project with its business case.

Project Definition Report

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This document is used to provide an outline of the project and to allow an assessment to be made about whether the project should proceed.


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This document is used to obtain agreement from the Project Sponsor and Budget Holder to start the project.

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