Project Documentation

Key Documents for Success

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Project documentation is used to define the way we manage projects and the governance surrounding them.

Crafting a Useful Charter

The project charter is the key document during the initial stages of a project. Here's how to make sure yours will be useful to the project team.

Is Your Project Proposal READY?

The mnemonic READY is useful when creating a project proposal. It will help you produce a project proposal that's hard to ignore.

The Benefits of Documentation

How are you using, or not using, documentation within your projects? Documentation is a form of communication so make good decisions about what to document.

Writing A Project Proposal

Ten tried and tested tips for writing excellent project proposals guaranteed to improve your acceptance rate.

Managing the Project Document

Effective document management for projects has a practical impact on improving the visibility of a project's status to help you better respond to the reality of change in your day-to-day work.

Meet Your New Best Friend: The Project Charter

The project charter has been around for as long as the concept of work. Anyone can grasp the concept using six simple words: what are we trying to do?

Funding Proposal

If you are already familiar with the Project Brief and would like to try something new why not create a Funding Proposal.

Writing the Project Statement of Work

The Statement of Work, or SOW, is the bible for the work your project must produce. So how do you go about writing one for your project?

Incorrect documentation is often worse than no documentation. - Bertrand Meyer

Does a Project Charter or Project Initiation Document Lead to a More Manageable Project Delivery?

Initiating a project usually involves writing one of two documents; a Project Charter or a Project Initiation Document, but which is better?

Project Status Reports Everyone Can Understand

Letting people know how a project is progressing is a key responsibility of any project manager, but how do you determine which pieces of information are useful?

Essential Documents to Manage Your Projects

This article gives you the number one shortcut to successfully manage your projects - it's all in your documentation.

Minimise Your Project Management Documentation

Project management is a necessary service to be provided for all but the smallest project. What is the service that is being provided though? Is it a customer services role or an exercise in paper production?

How to Create a Gantt Chart Using Microsoft Excel

A Gantt chart is a popular project management bar chart. This video presentation is a simple guide to creating a Gantt chart using Microsoft Excel.

Progress Reporting

Progress reporting is a key activity of project management. The project manager issues regular reports of progress against budget, schedule and scope.

Chartering Projects

A good charter could be the single most important thing ever done on your project. Here's how to get one.

Ensure your documentation is short and sharp and make much more use of people-to-people communication. - Bentley & Borman

The success of any project is crucially dependent on the documents produced for it. - John Rakos

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