Should we use collaborative PM software?

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Should we use collaborative PM software?

Postby philsonghurst » Fri 01 Jul 2011 10:59 pm

As a relatively small UK design consultancy, managing up to 40 live projects at a time, we took the step 6 months ago to use a web based PM software package. We had previously simply used Excel to keep individual task diaries and struggled through updating schedules when slippage occurred. Cross checking resource availability was burdensome when schedules changed too.

However, all my staff are threatening a rebellion with the new system finding it counter intuitive and equally burdensome when it comes to trying to allocate tasks - making sure resources are available at the required time.

Our staff are not trained project managers as such - so using scheduling software and using language like Gantt charts, constraints and lag etc - simply isn't in their vocabulary.
I remain adamant that we should be using a system like this - but I'm a lone voice.

I'd welcome any thoughts from forum members. Have you encountered similar problems - and how did you overcome them?

Is there a really simple system we should look at using - very graphic - very intuitive - but still powerful enough to allow us to programme multiple projects and keep a handle and close eye on resource capacity.

Many thanks

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