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Roll-Up Project Tracking Tool

Posted: Thu 16 Jan 2020 9:08 pm
by jasonw425
Hello All,

I thought I posted this yesterday but I don’t see it, so here I go again.
I’m tasked with consolidating information from several projects and teams into one single source, a department resource/project tracker. However, each team and project want some level of autonomy when tracking their own project statuses. I understand this and I have a solution in my head, but I cannot find the right software to implement this.

My idea is to have each team have its own tracker, however the first 5 or 6 columns are standardized. For example:

All teams would have the first 5 columns set up like this:
  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Status
  • Quality Record Number (i.e. CAPA)
  • Responsible Person
After that, they can make as many columns as they would like and track what ever they feel the need to. All I care about is those first 5 fields. Each team’s tracker (the first 5 columns) would automatically populate into a main tracker.
The challenge is the cells would cannot be static. As projects are added and removed the cells may move. I also don’t want to have to have people enter the project information twice, their tracker and the main tracker.
I’ve tried this on Smartsheet, but it didn’t work well. It felt clunky and it required too much human intervention.
If I haven’t thoroughly confused you yet, I’d really appreciate some feedback on this.