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Hey all,

There are some great threads on here, but I have noticed that not a lot of recent engagement.

I have also seen some posts here which I have replied to on other forums (specifically in the US). It would be great to have a really interactive and engaged UK PM community here, so just gauging how many people are floating around and just not posting or replying!


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Hi Karl,

Nice idea. I have experience as a project manager in the UK with a large multinational and will be happy to chip in with my thoughts, ideas and advice.

Atif Shahab
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I think you should find connections from UK using social media groups rather than posting here.
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Hi there,
I moved to the UK a few months ago and have been a project management enthusiast ever since I graduated!

Though my experience as a project manager was confined to the resource leveling and allocation aspects, I'd love to be part of a community that is lavish with its insights into the field!

I'd be happy to pitch in on topics related to team management, managing stakeholder expectations and resource management!

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I've worked in PMO for many years and have even recently launch a new website of free high-quality PMO templates ( - let me know what you think!

I'm always looking to share my knowledge and become involved in a wider PM community in the UK. Please feel free to get in touch.

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