It is just as bad to underrun a project as it is to overrun a project.

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Looking Forward to Spring

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Winter is not always the most enjoyable season. Cold, rain, snow, ice, bare trees, and shorter days can make you feel as though spring will never arrive. Every year, though, spring shows up. The trees bloom. People head back outside to soak up the sun. At times, life on projects sometimes feels like winter. The never-ending meetings. The schedule overruns. You might feel like the project end date will never come.

Estimating Project Work Gone Wrong

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Estimating project work is fraught with opportunities for things to go badly. The customer wants new work done on the project - work that isn't currently part of the scope, of course. Or perhaps the project hasn't started yet and you're still putting time and energy into good solid work estimations that will turn into timeframes of effort in your master schedule. The possibilities are endless.

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Introduction to Project Management
This introduction to project management is a good starting point for anyone new to project management or considering a career as a project manager.

Project Planning a Step by Step Guide
The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of project.

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